Desktop Cameras

webcamQR2Desktop cameras may already be built into a laptop or monitor, usually an external camera is clipped to the monitor or a stand. The following products are supplied by Amazon, a name you can trust. If you live in the catchment area of iWatcher, installation and set-up can be arranged. Most cameras work as “Plug & Play”, follow the instructions and you should soon be able to communicate. If you do get stuck and need some help, please use the support form  to request assistance. Currently this is available in the Northamptonshire area only.

iWatcher selection from Amazon

WebCam Support

Still lost? Help is at hand if you need to know what would be a good camera for your computer. You can send a text message, call the support mobile number or use the contact form. Your message will receive our urgent attention. However, there may be a small delay in response at peak times. Please use this Support Request form.

A new section is planned for next month where you can join a frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) Forum and get assistance and help other users of desktop webcams. Please see the IP Cameras menu for details on cameras suitable for publishing images from around your property.