Internet Router Selection

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There are many types of Internet router available. If you are planning on adding a separate IP camera then consider a WLAN or WiFi version, which can be use for both wireless and fixed connections.

Why you need a modern router

As more and more products become Internet able, so the need for a secure protected connection to the public network becomes vital. Nowadays, Smart TV’s, Smartphones, tablets and even fridges are now able to provide services never before possible. The motto is buy the best you can.

Setting up a router can be done by most technical people, but there are many others that find the terminology challenging. Get it wrong and nothing happens, You have just bought a new computer or tablet and you want to get on using it. Often what stops everything is the setting up of a home network, through a router to the Internet. If you need assistance, please call or complete the service request form, we are here to help. Area coverage is restricted.

WLAN, LAN what does it mean?

LAN stands for local area network, which is a number of Internet enabled products connected together, WLAN is  a wireless local area network, ie without cables connecting to the router.

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